Below are the publications I have done and are listed on. The 2013 and 2016 articles are downloadable by clicking the link. 

In prep. Seymour, J.R., Barbasch, T.A., & Buston, P.M. Lunar cycles of reproduction in the clown anemonefishAmphiprion percula: individual level strategies and population level patterns. 

2016     Wong, M.Y.L., Uppaluri, C., Medina, A., Seymour, J. & Buston, P.M.  The four elements of within-group conflict in animal societies: an experimental test using the clown anemonefish, Amphiprion percula. Behavioural Ecology & Sociobiology.

2013     Wong, M. Y. L., Medina, A., Uppaluri, C., Arnold S., Seymour, J. & Buston, P. M. Consistent behavioral traits and behavioral syndromes in pairs of the false clownfish Amphiprion ocellaris. Fish Biology 83: 207-213. 

Blue Hole, Belize – No wet suit so I was a bit cold.